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On almost a weekly basis someone will come along and inquire about dating bottles, with many of the inquiries specifically related to.

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How to Date Owens-Illinois Glass

Dating owens illinois bottles san angelo singles chat Forum Guidelines for Determining the Age of Antique Bottles Estimating the age of antique bottles can sometimes be a difficult task even for the experienced collector. However, by following some basic guidelines anyone can determine approximate age. Although this brief article is primarily intended for American-made bottles, glass from other countries has evolved similarly. I am here to clarify a bit of the mystery. Usually, the symbols are a logo for a company, and the numbers a code for where and when the particular glass item was produced. Each glass making company has their own method of labeling their products. With this hub, I am going to focus on the methods used by the Owens-Illinois O-I Company, and show you how to date your glass finds using the symbols and numbers indicative of the O-I company. I am by no means an expert on the numbers, nor am I an expert on how to date glass using the numbers, but I have done a lot of research on the subject, and I am relaying the information I have acquired along my internet travels.

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O-I Fire and Sand - How Glass Is Made

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