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It's not fun when someone pretends to be you on the internet, especially when whoever it is knows too much about you already.

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How Someone Used My Face to Catfish People on OKCupid

Okcupid catfish profiles how to compliment a girl online dating These are members of OkCupid who are active and in good standing and help decide whether a photo violates our rules or not. If you've been invited to review photos and are not interested, no worries! No one should be under any cztfish to do this, so please feel free to ignore it completely. My first thought was basketball, so I quickly racked my brain to see if I had anything on my Facebook that said anything about the NBA team. I was sitting at the bar at an Asian fusion restaurant back home in Jacksonville, Florida, wasting time before actually meandering down the road to the beer bar I was supposed to be at that Friday night. Eight minutes later, he replied. My stomach dropped. The age was right, and I lived in Jacksonville until about a month and a half before I moved to Atlanta.

Man Sues OkCupid After Getting Scammed

Whether you're looking for a man who likes doing puzzles while listening to Nicki Minaj, or you want a guy who is an avid fan of CrossFit, chances are, you can find him on here. Now I don't consider myself an online dating professional, but several months of browsing all that OKCupid has to offer has definitely taught me a few things.

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How to Tell Fake Profiles on Dating Sites

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