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Is there a way to backdate an auto insurance policy for 1 day or a couple of If the reason for the backdate is to cover a claim that occurred, the.


Your car insurer will not backdate your policy

Backdating auto insurance coverage top 5 dating sites for over 50s Print article Question. I was insurancce insurance companies won't backdate auto insurance, Why? I was hoping to shop around and find someone that will offer me a backdated policy. No matter how long you shop around for a backdated auto link policy, no reputable and honest auto insurance company will offer it to you. Why is backdating in the auto insurance industry a big no-no? It would put the insurer in a very precarious place.

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Can Insurance Be Backdated? Can you buy car insurance after an accident? Can you make a new car insurance claim for an old incident? You get into a serious accident. The other driver drives away.

How Auto Insurance Works - At Fault States

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Copyright Backdated Auto Insurance. All rights reserved Where you are currently using for their backdated auto insurance required?

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Know what happens if one back dates a life insurance policy

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