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Aisha Tyler's Agent Lana Kane character will get laid this season on Archer “and it's very graphic,” exec producer Matt Thompson.


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Christian slater archer dating a religious person Success can be a very difficult thing to deal with. Looking and sounding a lot like the reigning bad boy of film, Jack Nicholson, Slater became the dark-edged leading man with rasp and charm. The inevitable blockbusters followed—including Interview With the Vampire 1994 and a face-off with John Travolta in Broken Arrow 1996 —as did the inevitable curveballs and misfires. But what was true of Slater from the start—his rough and readiness, his willingness to mix it up, to laugh, even at himself—has continued to make him a fascinating performer.

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The Archer Vice season bitterly divided our office. I like every single bit of it. Because we fucking wanted to? Very much so. They have done things and had experiences that have changed them.

Archer opening scene for season 6

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Christian Slater On ‘Mr. Robot,’ ‘Archer,’ His Favorite Film He’s Made - TODAY

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