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Plus, it's been reported that women judge men's shoes twice as much as men judge Converse *We acknowledge that one's personality cannot be determined entirely from one's shoes, and we don't recommend totally.


What Your Converse Say About You: A Definitive Guide

Converse shoes personality 30 year old female living at home Those shoes, though, reveal a lot about you - people immediately take notice of them and judge you accordingly in business and personal relationships. Dr Angela Bahnsof Wellesley College, Massachusetts, and researchers from Kansas Universitypublished the study Shoes as a source of first impressions. While it's no surprise that age and income could be gleaned from the wearer's shoe, interestingly their personality could also be judged - specifically their "agreeableness" one of the Big Five personality traits and their attachment anxiety. the quality of preoccupation with, and insecurity over, one's relationships with other people. People tend to pay attention to the shoes they wear," Dr Bahns said.

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Going out? Going on a date? The answer is simple, the shoe game is easy. But what does your go to color say about you...

What started out as a humble basketball shoe has now bloomed across the world, sweeping up thousands in its casual, wear-with-anything cool. Whether you've got an old pair in the back of your closet or every limited edition preserved behind glass, surely there's a pair of Converse — or an obsessive Converse-wearer — somewhere in your past.

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Women can tell a lot about you by the shoes you wear. Timberlands are classic — just like you, an OG who was listening to Biggie before he was Biggie. We just have to break you in a little.

Fill 8 Copy 2 Created with Sketch. The eyes might be the window to the soul, but shoes are the window to just about everything else. What you choose to put on your feet actually does reflect something about you, whether it be laziness socks with slip-on sandals , obliviousness untied sneakers or keen style savvy those trendy suede desert boots we love so much.

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