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At FRI in Atlanta today, Chief Tom Jenkins V and Deputy Fire Chief Jake Rhoades, both of the Rogers Fire Department, shared 10 things.


18 Things To Know Before Dating A Firefighter

Dating a fire chief danish dating etiquette By Nozzlehead Dear Nozzlehead, I am a female firefighter on an ifre department. My husband is an officer, and a year ago I joined because they are always looking for more help and want young people to help get the job done. My husband has taught me a lot over the years about firefighting, especially the more complex stuff that no first timer would understand. My problem is our fire chief, who is a constant negative influence and is bound and determined to have it his way. He watches read article every move because he hates that he has women in his department.

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Photo by John Cetrino. After serving three decades as a firefighter who progressed through the ranks to become a fire chief, I thought this may be the time to share my thoughts on how all firefighters and officers can better serve-not necessarily from a physical command perspective but from a personal character perspective. I call it leading from the front-regardless of your rank-through daily conduct that is morally and ethically sound.

Community Emergency - "A Day In The Life Of A District Fire Chief"

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To be honest-I think the answer will vastly differ from men to women also. My ex-husband was on the fire department with me and went EMT with me. We were able to do great with it. There was a common understanding, the partnership you have with all your crew. I could go interior with him or be on a complete different crew.

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Council 'disturbed' with fire chief's decision to chauffeur son, date to prom in engine

ISP: Former Patriot fire chief stole thousands of dollars to pay his own bills

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