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Each Sunday morning of the NFL season, RotoBaller's experts will be moderating the industry's leading live chat room and answering a bunch of your fantasy.


Six second-screen apps just for NFL fans

Free nfl chat rooms dating site for over 50 toronto In fact, there were hashtags all over Kauffman Stadium facades and walls encouraging fans to interact on Twitter. Sports are becoming more social and Twitter is one of the biggest reasons why. But there are other social mediums that have created a more communal sports viewing experience. Smartphone applications for Android and iPhone are becoming major sources for fan interaction as well. Here are some great new sports apps in no particular order that are bringing fans together like never before. SportsYapper SportsYapper is an app that is similar to Twitter but solely dedicated to discussing sports.

Taunting an opponent in the NFL draws a 15-yard penalty. But timing is everything. You have to do it right as that final field goal goes through the uprights, when the heat of the moment and the crescendo of emotion makes such an outburst just a passionate celebration. And while social media has redefined how football is consumed and marketed, there are few fantasy related apps around that offer much more than old-fashioned chat room messaging. But these apps are more about the practicalities of fantasy, about keeping track of live scores, managing your team, and sending a short but sweet text jab at your opponent.

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Chat Room Reviews: United Traders - Day Trading

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