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Change of heart: Gigi Gorgeous revealed in her latest YouTube video that she Over the years, she has undergone various procedures as part of her transition, 'After you get it, obviously, there's not going back, which is why it's kind all the way to Thailand and consulted with a surgeon beforeiding.


Gigi Gorgeous- Male to Female in 3 Years

Gigi gorgeous before after transition rule for dating half your age plus Gigi is a multi-talented actress, model and a television personality. She is a popular Internet personality and a successful model. Gigi is determined to further her cause promoting acceptance of various LGBT issues worldwide. Undoubtedly she is one of the gorgeous and talented transgender the industry has ever got. You may know about her professional life but do you know about her personal life yet?

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She just never thought the movie would be about her. We spoke with Gigi about the most difficult parts of watching the film, how her perspective has changed since being denied entrance to Dubai, and what it was like not having control over the camera. This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Gigi Gorgeous - Before & After - Transformation from Gregory to Gigi

But Gigi was in a good mood anyway, because she was about to engage in her all-time favorite activity. Gigi was about to get glam. At the same time, a stylist ironed her platinum strands stick straight. Then she started experimenting with a low key updo, fastened half up with an oversize gold cuff. An hour later, Gigi looked like the star of some future I Dream of Jeannie remake, set on Planet Glamazon — like a fembot Barbie warrior princess prepared for a glitter battle.

4 Transgender YouTuber Transformation [gigi gorgeous,maya,PRINCESSJOULES,Jazz Jennings]✔

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