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2 days ago We've dug through all of the romantic movies on Netflix to find the best, including Netflix originals like Always Be Mybe and To All the.


Movies & TV Series with Interracial Romances

Interracial couple movies on netflix dating a pretty girl reddit As they sit across from each other at a luau-themed restaurant, it seems likely — expected, really — that at some point in the scene, the pair's different races will be discussed. Ingrid will make a corny joke in an netflic to be "down," or Dan will mention something about his history with white girls. But then, something surprising happens. Race never comes up. At all, throughout the entire movie.

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However, when it comes to cinema it still seems to be somewhat of a touchy subject. However, since the 60s, there have been enough movies that explore the race card that we can mention. And there are 10 in particular that I think are worth a watch. Here are 10 movies featuring interracial relationships that are worthy of being seen. Strange Days I always felt this movie never got enough credit.


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Yes, the outrageous comedy starring Halle Berry. But that wasn't all the good news.

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