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Over the next few months,For Our Lives Arizona will keep pushing the It's time for Arizonans and lawmakers to join together and demand a future.


‘I will not be next’: Teen Activists Lead 15,000 in March For Our Lives Phoenix

March for our lives phoenix time ncis los angeles nell and eric dating Pinterest Growing up as a girl of timme redefines your view of America. It impacts your experiences, your sense of self, and your opinions of the world around you. When I took the stage at the March for Our Lives rally one year agoI was really nervous, but I knew I also had something to say — something I wanted to add to the conversation that was deeply personal and important to me. I am not alone. We are innovators, writers, scientists, designers, students, athletes and much, much more.

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Students like Maddie Kelly made their voices heard. Samantha Lekberg, a 16-year-old student from Surprise, said that she had no time to prepare a speech, but spoke candidly about the moment when she learned of gun violence. When Lekberg was 10, she arrived home from school on a Friday to learn of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.

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March for Our Lives: The Full Studio Interview

march for our lives phoenix az

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