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By having a superannuation account already in place, backpackers working in Australia have an opportunity to be a member of a superannuation fund that.


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Superannuation account backpacker nathan fillion krista allen split Have you changed your name, address or job in recent times? Australian Super Finder specialise in searching for lost, inactive and active superannuation accounts. Complete the form to find your money. Free Super Search I agree to the following terms and conditions and privacy consent Verified Testimonials from our Facebook and Google Listing Backpackers Guide to Claim Their Superannuation Fund as supetannuation leave the Country Introduction If you arrived in Australia as a temporary resident, you might have the opportunity to work here.

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Facebook Twitter — Updated 1st July 2017 — When you are working in Australia, you are entitled to receive super contributions from your employer on top of your salary. Those contributions are paid by your employer during your employment. As a temporary resident in Australia, you are entitled to claim your super once you have left the country and after your visa has expired.

How To Get Your Tax Back- Working Holiday Australia

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