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Has the Too Close to Home TV show been cancelled or renewed for season three onTLC? The television vulture is watching TV cancellation and renewal news.


'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 3: What We Know and What We Hope For

Three tlc show finale logo fonts 2018 free download Melissa McCarthy will replace Steve Harvey as host. All four current coaches will return in the fall. The upcoming 6th season which debuts Aug. At the moment, the current season is set to resume on May 24. A few remaining episodes will air this summer.

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By Jessica Booth Nov 28, 2018 HBO As we near the end of 2018, there are plenty of things to look forward to — but beyond the holiday season and the fresh start of a new year, we're most excited for the new television shows that come with it. Get ready for binge-worthy episodes that promise to answer the burning questions from seasons past, explosive series finales that leave us sobbing, and exciting premieres that just might introduce us to a new favorite. Here are a few of the TV shows you'll be completely obsessed with in 2019.

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