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That makes me think this could be a good time to experiment with managing bookks in a TiddlyWiki rather than through the browser.


Weekend Project: Set Up a Personal Wiki on Linux with TiddlyWiki

Tiddlywiki manage bookmarks becky g grandparents The value-add of TiddlyWiki MU or whatever it ends up being called is that you can make a new instance of such a thing without being a system administrator and without going through the effort of building link on bookmarkd server. This is exactly like the way WordPress MU lets you spin off a new blog without having to set up a new instance of WordPress on the server. For example, give each user a private bag of tiddlers and they could use it to set their global preferences with the right UI.

Original image in public domain. Modified by Jason Baker. When you think of the word wiki, chances are the first thing that comes to mind is Wikipedia. That's not a surprise, considering that Wikipedia did help put the concept of the wiki into the popular consciousness. Wikis, which are websites you can edit, are great tools for collaborating and organizing.

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TIddlyWiki Tutorial 01 - Installing Tiddlywiki and Creating Your First Tiddler

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TiddlyWiki 5 Copying Plugin Manually

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