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She thought her Tinder date was sweet—but in reality, he was anything but. As it just so happened, Gable made an audio recording of their date as a sort of forcibly detained and was choking his Tinder date to death in those minutes.


Gable Tostee explains why he recorded fatal Tinder date

Tinder date death recording colorado springs singles over 50 Four days after the dangerous driving incident, Brisbane's Supreme Court heard Tostee was on Tinder when he matched with a woman named "Cletus" — the alter ego of New Zealander Warriena Wright. I want to do dirty things to you," Tostee told her. Supplied Wright, a 26-year-old visiting Australia from New Zealand, played along. She agreed to swap numbers before the pair met up on the evening of August 7, days before she was set to return home. Perhaps reording was an odd pairing that would never have eventuated in the offline world — Wright, a petite animal lover and daughter of a church deacon, and Tostee, a laddish man mountain who towered above her.

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With the court case done, we can now publish a candid account from Mr Tostee about what happened the night Ms Wright died. It details his version of what happened that night. Gable Tostee posted it on a bodybuilding forum and you can read the full post here. A screenshot of Gable Tostee's post on the bodybuilding forum.

Rove & Sam Discuss Gable Tostee

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Tinder Tragedy: Deadly Tinder Date - Gable Tostee & Warriena Wright (Part 1)

Last Moments Of Warriena Wright's Life - Audio Recording barack obama back to back

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