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Ulsoor Lake, a 50 hectare expanse of emerald green water in Bengaluru, is a lovely sight in spring when the trees lining it are blooming with.


Floating waste polluting Ulsoor Lake

Ulsoor lake pollution effects asic form 205 pdf September 23, 2013 Bosky Khanna Our work is to empower citizens, made possible by your donation. But the statistics tells a different tale. This year around 1. Now the KSPCB has released the result of a survey done in four lakes, which indicates the level of pollution.

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See profile The lake located near the Akshaya Nagar neighbourhood in Bangalore, India, had a severe pollution problem and the local population was suffering from its effects. Then, one man decided to take things into his own hands. Polluted lakes are a major problem in India. Another nearby lake, Bellandur lake, was so full of sewage and toxic waste of all different sorts that its water was coated with a thick foam. Last November, the situation got even worse when the lake overflowed and a thick white toxic foam flooded entire streets.

Thousands of dead fish surface in lake

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Walkers stroll as usual in the evening on well-manicured paths that circle the lake. Their shoes press a soft dusting of violet jacaranda flowers into the ground, past pink bougainvillea entwined with the lakeside fence. On the other side of that fence are pond herons , small brown bodies revealed in a burst of white as they take flight, skimming across Ulsoor on outspread wings. Stormwater drains bring to the lake a wide assortment of garbage in addition to rainwater, along with a discoloured ooze that almost looks lovely in the red of the setting sun, but not quite.

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Updated. Mar 20, 2016, 04. Ulsoor Lake, a 50 hectare expanse of emerald green water in Bengaluru , is a lovely sight in spring when the trees lining it are blooming with the yellow of the tabebuia or covered in the purple of the jacaranda. But this spring, residents were greeted with the horrific sight of thousands of dead fish that had washed up on its shores early morning on March 7. Photos and videos of the piles of fish went viral, provoking shock and calls for action, and various dignitaries visited the lake, from the local MLA, Roshan Baig, to the head of the state pollution control board, Lakshman. A Sip of Ammonia The dissolved oxygen in the lake had also decreased because of high temperatures during the day and the spread of algae, which was consuming the oxygen, reducing its availability for the fish.

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