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chief executive officer and chairman of the board of UnitedHealth Group, has been granted stock options in UnitedHealth Group that were “backdated” to a.


Former UnitedHealth Group CEO/Chairman Settles Stock Options Backdating Case for $468 Million

Unitedhealth group backdating stock options chennai dating centre McGuire, M. The settlement is the first with an individual under the "clawback" provision Section 304 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to deprive corporate executives of their stock sale profits and bonuses earned while their companies were misleading investors. The Commission's complaint alleges that during a 12-year period, McGuire repeatedly caused the company to grant undisclosed, in-the-money stock options to himself and other UnitedHealth officers and employees without recording in the company's books and disclosing baackdating shareholders material amounts of compensation expenses as required by applicable accounting rules.

UnitedHealth and the ghost of Dr. McGuire Bill McGuire was a superstar who built a great company. Then came the options scandal. Now the new CEO has to clean up the mess he left behind. Like McGuire, Hemsley received millions of backdated stock options - in fact, he got one 1997 grant dated before he even started work at the company.

Crushing Atlas: The Takedown of UnitedHealth's Bill McGuire

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My Take Away: Phillip Gillespie on DEC meeting with CEO of UnitedHealth Group

Visit to United Health Care CEO Stephen Hemsley's Mansion


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