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Do you want to be matched to the ideal types of your bias? Bang Yong Guk: Someone with not superficial but real moral mind from her deep.


[Star of the Week] B.A.P Members And Their Ideal Types

Yongguk bap ideal type dating sites for millionaires in the uk This is for anon! This is my first one bsp these so let me know what you think. Thank you Request. When he meets you at a fanmeeting Zelo - He would ask you what you like, then try to master the skill in order to impress you before asking you out. Once he made up his mind there would be no stopping him, he would probably look you up after the fan signing and try to contact you any way that he could. He might ask you out to go get a hamburger with him or something like that as you http://re-mark.me/elk-grove/adam-sandler.php to his favorite artists and yours.

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What to expect when dating a B. P member. 1. Expect an endless cycle of blushing and smiling awkwardly at each other.

(ENG SUB) 130817 BAP talks about interest and ideal type

Share B. Yongguk. Bang Yongguk is the leader and main rapper of the group. When asked about his ideal woman, he expressed that he loves woman who are virtuous.

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You stomped out of the room and walked into the living room to find Yongguk sitting on the couch browsing through TV channels. You pouted and sat beside Yongguk, leaning against his side and wrapping your arms around his side. He smiled and set his head on top of yours.

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