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Kids Science words, terms and phrases defined and explained.


Word lists for use at KS3 Science

Science keywords and definitions ks3 signs of bad dating relationship It is language about plants and animals … Astronomy is not planets and stars. This quote is a particular favourite of mine as it highlights the importance of the scientific language we use as teachers to explain the natural world to our students. Throughout my teaching career I have been fascinated by the complex language of science and as a fledgling science teacher I was the KS3 science literacy coordinator. Cue many hours collating science words and definitions. It was then that I became aware of how students had to learn the meanings of an inordinate number of words just to be able to access the science they were learning.

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Kids Science Glossary, Dictionary and Terms Science Dictionary, Glossary and Terms Corrosive - Is the wearing away of the surface of a metal by chemical reactions with oxygen and water. When a metal reacts with substances around it, such as water or air, it corrodes. Many transition metals corrode slowly, if at all, but iron and steel corrode quickly. The corrosion of iron and steel mixed with water and air oxygen is called rusting. Rusting damages metal parts so it is important to prevent it.

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Каждый рабочий на своем рабочем месте обязан осуществлять такие функции: до начала работы подготовить оборудование. Планировка рабочего места составляется с учетом вида производства (литье, штамповка и др.

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